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Premium Forge Welded Connection Technology for Oil & Gas

AMS developed new welding IP for TubeFuse that was implemented to create an automated welding process that can reliably and rapidly produce high quality, near flush, welded tubular connections.  The innovative welding technology is based on the AMS invented exothermic flux forge welding process which utilizes an exothermic chemical reaction to produce direct surface heat and generate a welding flux to clean and activate the faying surfaces for welding.

SpaceDRUMS Accoustic Levitation Reaction System for the ISS

Working for Guigne International, and in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines and NASA, the AMS key personnel developed SHS reaction systems to produce ceramic and glass-ceramic composites for containerless microgravity advanced material processing on board the International Space Station.


True Diamond Faced, SHS Manufactured, Superhard Composite Down-hole Drill Bit Cutters

Working for Guigne International, the AMS key personnel developed SHS reaction chemistries and a manufacturing process to produce very hard and tough composite cutter bodies. The key AMS personell also developed a new process for fusing a true diamond face directly to the cutter body during synthesis. Testing showed the new advanced cutters to have a 45% faster material removal rate than industry standard PDC cutters.


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