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AMS develops unique solutions related to synthesis of materials such as steel, alloys, ceramics and glass for industrial processes.  AMS has successfully developed new welding and corrosion resistant cladding technologies for high integrity pipeline applications.  
Rob Mayfield
MBA, B.Eng

Rob has 20 years of international experience including 10 years in the Oil & gas industry and 10 years managing new technology businesses.  Rob was CEO of a steel technology business, has been a director of more than 20 engineering technology companies,and has many years experience as a venture capital investor.


Rob has an MBA from INSEAD and an engineering degree from University of Edinburgh.

Hu Chun Yi
Chief Technology Officer

Hu Chun is an internationally known expert in Reaction Synthesis.  He has 20 years experience leading R&D projects, with 59 technical publications and 4 patents.

Hu Chun earned his PhD in materials engineering at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and is an expert in metals/alloys, ceramics, glasses, composites, synthesis and characterization, welding, failure analysis, and thermal modeling.

Jeremy Iten
PhDc, M.Eng
Director of Engineering

Jeremy has 16 years of experience developing materials and materials processes.  His areas of interest include reaction synthesis, welding and joining technologies, corrosion and wear resistant alloys, superhard materials, metals, glasses, advanced ceramics, and metal ceramic composites.

He has a Master of Engineering degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and is a PhD candidate in Materials Science.

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